Students will learn cubism, which is a style of art famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is widely known for.

Today we’re going to be painting one of my favorite Picasso pieces, Three Musicians.

You’ll notice that cubism tend to be very flat and feature geometric shapes used in math class, such as circles, squares, and arcs.

Students are encouraged to use any colors and experiment with shapes with this fun art project today.

Learning intentions:
* Learn about the cubism style of art
* Learn about famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso
* Practice drawing using geometric shapes
* Practice painting using watercolors


1.) Crayons
2.) Watercolor paint set
3.) Copy paper

Video lesson:

1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson.

2a. Follow along with the video lesson – feel free to pause the video as needed.

With a black crayon, as shown in the video, draw the following using geometric shapes such as lines, triangles, circles, and rectangles:

2b. Draw the guitar player.
2c. Draw the clarinet musician with their clarinet.
2d. Draw the singer.
2e. Draw the guitar player’s guitar.
2f. Draw the sheet music with musical notes.
2g. Use scoring (criss-crossing straight lines) and mark making with a black crayon to add more details to your musicians and scene.

3. Now we are ready to paint. Use watercolors to paint the three musicians, their instruments, and the background of your piece. Be creative and use whichever colors you want to!