Today we will be learning how to do a watercolor painting of bluebonnets, which is our State Flower here in Texas.

Learning intentions:
* Practice impressionist art using watercolors
* Learn more about our state flower in Texas, the bluebonnet
* Practice color theory by mixing colors using watercolor

1. Paper
2. Watercolor set


1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson.

2. First we notice the form of the flower. It is cone-shaped, with many tiny flowers all pointed up towards the sun. There is a little bit of white on the top and a tiny bit of green on top of the white.

3. Prepare your watercolor paint: saturate your watercolors with plenty of clean water.

4. Paint the top of the bluebonnet with a green cone shape.

5. Mix the blue paint with some red paint to get a color that is a blueish-purple. You can use the lid of the watercolor set as your palette to mix colors.

6. Notice the shape of the bluebonnets and paint the bluebonnet flowers using your blue.

7. Paint the leaves using green and by mixing together different colors. Paint some of the leaves in the foreground and some of them in the background to create depth.

8. As the watercolor dries, paint some additional detail into each part of your painting.