Students, we are using our watercolors this week! I am excited to show you how to outline and draw a famous face from American history, Martin Luther King Jr.

We will outline Martin Luther King from the shoulders up and use our water colors to bring our outline to life!

Students will learn the importance of using water to blend the watercolors, avoiding the eye area of our face.

I am asking my students to choose what background and color for Martin Luther King’s suite. In our, he is wearing a suit and delivers his famous speech, I Have a Dream.

I love to see what my students come up with- they are so creative!

Learning intentions:
* Learn to use watercolors with crayons to create bold and dynamic paintings
* Learn about Martin Luther King Jr. in remembrance of his birthday, holiday, and African-American * History Month
* Practice drawing faces and portraits
* Practice painting foregrounds and backgrounds using watercolors

Introduction and Connection:
* Materials
* Black Crayon to outline
* Watercolor set and brush


1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson.
2. Draw Martin Luther King Jr.’s using a black crayon, using the video lesson as an example. You’ll need to draw his:
*Outline of his face
*Suit and tie

3. Color in his pupils, eyebrows, hair, and mustache using a black crayon.

4. Paint inside the outlines of his face using the brown watercolor.

Since the crayon is made out of wax, we don’t have to worry about it bleeding through our outlines… but be sure not to paint inside his eyes!

5. Paint inside the outlines of his suit using the black watercolor.

6. Paint a background of your choosing behind Dr. King. I painted an American flag, but be creative and paint whatever you feel inspired to!

7. Paint his tie any color you choose.