We have different types of emotions. Let’s make a happy Humpty Dumpty, the famous nursery rhyme character. He is happy sitting on the wall until he falls! Oh no!
When Humpty falls off his wall he is quickly not so happy. He is sad! Well, we are going to cut our sad Humpty into paper puzzle pieces and make him happy by putting him back together again.
Students will learn how to create a composition with a foreground and background, design their very own puzzles using scissors, and explore different emotions with crayon.


Learning intentions:
* Explore emotions that we all feel sometimes. They are part of who we are!
* Develop spacial awareness by creating and assembling our own simple puzzles
* Learn about perspectives and practice creating a composition using a foreground and background.
* Practice cutting and glueing skills

Introduction and Connection

1.) Two pieces of white copy paper
2.) Scissors
3.) Glue
4.) Crayons (Blue, Red and Black)


1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson

2. Draw and color rectangles onto half of one sheet of paper using a red crayon to create Humpty Dumpty’s wall. This would be closer to us if we were there watching, so this will be part of our foreground.

3. Color the other half of the paper using a blue crayon to make the sky. This would be behind, or farther away from us, if we were there, so this will be our background.

4. Draw two ovals using a black crayon, then cut along the lines of your ovals. These will be our Humpty Dumpty eggs!

5. Cut both ovals out from the paper using scissors.

6. Draw a happy face onto one of your paper eggs and one sad face onto the other paper egg.

7. Cut the sad egg into 5 pieces. These are your puzzle pieces.

8. Assemble the sad egg pieces to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

9. Glue the sad Humpty Dumpty onto the bottom of the wall, all put back together again. Humpty Dumpty is also part of our foreground, since the sky (our background) is behind him.

10. Glue the happy egg on the top of the wall.

BONUS: Can you think of other feelings other than happy and sad? Cut more ovals out and draw one emotion per egg. Do this until you can’t think of any more!