Art Lesson: Grandma’s Watercolor Quilt

Art Lesson: Grandma’s Watercolor Quilt

Introduction and Connection

Hello students! Today we are going to make Grandma’s Blanket, which I think looks a lot like a quilt, by using watercolor paint!

Today we’ll be making our own “quilts” by folding a piece of paper into 8 rectangular sections. We will then use each of the 8 colors in your watercolor box to create different pieces of your “quilt”. Finally, we’ll create patterns and decorations on top of each section.

Do you know what a quilt is? A quilt is a type of blanket that is made up of a bunch of smaller distinct pieces.

You know, a quilt is a lot like a community!  A community is also made up of a bunch of distinct pieces to create something larger that is beautiful and unique. Can you see how your school community, made up of each of you and your families, is like a quilt?


  • 8-color watercolor set
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper


  1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson
  2. Fold your paper into 8 rectangular sections by folding in half once, then folding it in half again once more.
  3. Unfold to the paper to its original size and notice the 8 sections the folds have made.
  4. Paint each of the 8 rectangular sections of your paper a different color from your watercolor set
  5. Paint different patterns or decorations on top of each section in any way that you feel inspired to!
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