Hello students! Today we are going to make a map of a wonderful museum that I visited over Spring Break! It was called Heritage Farmstead Museum.

When we make the map, we are going to draw out the museum, which was built around a beautiful Victorian home. Today, it has many farmstead animals.

We will be drawing the outlines of each of the sections of the museum, then we will add details to our map to help make it more useful for those who use it.

Learning intentions:
* Learn about the Heritage Farm Museum and farmstead animals
* Practice cartography and drawing maps

1. One piece of white copy paper
2. Colored pencil or marker (black)


1. Watch Ms. Crilley’s video lesson.

2. First, let’s plot out our map:
2a. Start in the bottom left corner by drawing a rectangle. This is the Victorian Museum.
2b. Draw two more rectangles: one above your first rectangle, and then another above that one!
2c. Draw two rectangles side-by-side to the right of your first rectangle.
2d. Draw two more rectangles above those two: the garden and the donkey.

3. Draw entryways outside each of the farm exhibits (boxes) that you plotted in step 2.

4. Draw roads outside all of the farm exhibits you’ve drawn so far.

5. Now, it’s time to draw the details inside of the map!

5a. Draw details inside the Victorian Museum.
5b. Draw the sheep and other farmstead animals.
5c. Draw the pigs.
5d. Draw the donkey.
5e. Draw the scarecrow.
5f. Draw the rooster and hen.
5g. Draw the turkeys.

6. Capture and upload a picture of your completed map for me to review on Toddle.